Convertir les fichiers XYZ vers DXF en ligne



This tool allows to convert (export) XYZ files (text files) to DXF format (release 12) . Here is an example of XYZ accepted formats:

P1; X 1; Y1; Z1
P2; X 2; Y2; Z2
P3; X 3; Y3; Z3

• Instead of semicolon, you can use spaces, tabs, or commas as separators:

P1 X 1 Y1 Z1
P2 X 2 Y2 Z2
P3, X 3, Y3, Z3

Important notes:

The decimal symbol must be a point; not a comma (which can be used as a separator).
So, if you have a list of coordinates with commas as decimal symbol, please replace them with points before to open the file...

→ Don't forget to make Zoom-extent after opening DXF file.