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Online converter to KML

of DXF,CSV,GPX,TXT files




Grille de transformation
NADCON and HARN grids
NAD27 - NAD83 Grids
BNG to/from WGS84 Grid
AGD to/from GDA Grid
DHDN90 <==> ETRS89 grid
Rejilla ED 1950 <==> ETRS 1989
Grelhas Datum 73 / Lisboa para ETRS89
Grigliati NTv2 per Italia


This web application allows to export DXF(AutoCad),GPX,CSV,Text files to KML format. With possibility of selecting the coordinate system (for example UTM, Lambert, RGF93,…) of the source file. KML file must be in WGS84 geographic system (Longitude, Latitude).
Before pressing 'Open a file' button, check if the input system (left menu) is correctly chosen DXF, CSV and TXT can be in any coordinate system; for GPX, it is WGS84 a priori.
Concerning the KMZ format, remembering that this is a zipped version of KML file, so to convert .KMZ to KML, just unzip the KMZ file with WinRar, 7zip or similar.
(Note: for the moment the local correction grids are not taken into account.)
The application is under development, improvements will be made alongt the way, I am counting on your feadback.

Imported files format

DXF is a vector drawing file exchange CAD format format used by softwares such as AutoCad, ArcGis, MapInfo, QGIS, CATIA ...
For the moment, these are drawing objects included in conversion process: Points, Lines, Polylines, Polygons, Circles, Arcs.

• CSV et TXT
Each coordinates block of a polygon must be preceded by Polygon.
Each line or polyline must be preceded by Line or Polyline.
Each list of points must be preceded by Points .
Separators can be semicolon or space character.

P1 ; 627777.930 ; 510889.110 ; 364.38
P2 ; 627709.802 ; 510806.566 ; 357.48
P3 ; 627666.391 ; 510673.183 ; 355.19
P1 ; 627757.087 ; 510513.237
P2 ; 627776.368 ; 510514.956
P3 ; 627777.718 ; 510505.487
P4 ; 627758.182 ; 510504.494
P1 ; 627693.643 ; 510790.800
P2 ; 627683.460 ; 510784.825
P3 ; 627672.910 ; 510769.844
P4 ; 627662.162 ; 510751.456
P5 ; 627655.410 ; 510726.552
P6 ; 627657.082 ; 510711.250

GPX,GPS eXchange Format is designed to export waypoints and tracks. The coordinates are expressed in Latitude, Longitude (WGS84).
So, we need to select WGS84 system in left menu.